4 Tips for Distributors to Welcome Chinese New Year

The 2017 Lunar New Year is coming very soon, and the beauty industry is never the one who ignores the festivity. Just like every New Year celebration, joy is filling the air. It is a great moment for Chinese people and their descendants in all over the world, to gather with family and relatives and share the gratefulness for what has been received and hopefulness for what is yet to come. As a distributor, you might wonder how the grand moment can give impact to your business. Here are some ideas to escalate your business during Chinese New Year.

Specific Market Behavior

Just like arranging a business process, you need to have a clear map of the market persona, the preference, the behavior, and for this special case, what is hyped and down around the celebration of Chinese New Year. Let’s say you already have your target market all mapped out, you can start by analyzing the trend that only happens around the change of the year such as determining products that see dramatic growth. Once you see the pattern, you can basically do anything with your business through creativity and tap the market in your own unique way.

Reconnect with Your Customers
As a distributor, relationship with client is undeniably important. Chinese New Year might be one of the great moments for you to build a good relationship with your customers. As a way to start, you can send them your greatest wish for the New Year. You can also do something more beneficial such as arranging educational events, gathering, or workshop for your customers where you can share product knowledge and techniques in relation to the Chinese New Year tactical marketing. If your customers are retailers, you can also empower them by giving some tactical tricks and tips to gain more visitors during the moment. Providing supports that are related to Chinese New Year do not only help you grow your business but also your customers’.

Promote and Provide Highly Demanded Products
This is where your market mapping works best because you already know exactly what to promote, what to offer, completed with your strategic thinking on how to make everything works. A simple tips? Start with red color because red in Chinese symbolizes good fortune which is what everybody seeks in a new page of life.

Create Bundling Promo
If you need one reason in why you have to establish a good relationship with your customers, creating a smooth promotional activity might be it. A special moment like Chinese New Year is a moment of warmth and closeness which can be lightened up by giving gift to special people. Cooperate with your retailers in creating special bundling promo to end consumers, so they can have a sweet celebration with their family. This goes without saying that the products being promoted should be aligned with the moment, such as color cosmetics that match the color of Chinese New Year. As a distributor, you can have your own bundling promo that you can offer to your customers.

Utilize Tourism
Do you live in an area with a lot of Chinese descendants? If there are plenty of Chinese descendants within your area, then this is a great opportunity for you. If not, you might need to reconsider how you are able to gain profit from the festive moment. One silver lining for you is to pay attention at the tourism in your country.

During Chinese New Year, Chinese people tend to travel around the globe to spend time with their family and friends. With their average level of expenditure increased, Chinese New Year apparently brings luck not only to China but also to International countries. The three most popular countries as reported by nationmultimedia.com are Thailand, Japan, and the US. Listed out of the list, New Zealand even had its own preparation to welcome 70,000 Chinese visitors around the Chinese New Year in 2015, showing the great opportunity for countries chosen as travel destinations.

How to attract Chinese tourists? One of the most important keys is to communicate with them in Chinese to make them feel connected with you. From online approach, you can utilize online marketing focusing on channels and touch points often used by Chinese people.

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