Makarizo Releases the Spring/Summer 2016/2017 Collection of SPORTIVA

This February 2017 marks the return of Makarizo as one of prominent beauty trendsetters in hair industry with the release of its newest Spring/Summer hair collection. The release followed its successful predecessor, the Fall/Winter collection of Makarizo 2016/2017 hair trend “SPORTIVA” which made the headlines back in September 2016. For the new collection, Makarizo still emphasizes the use of its newest coloring technique PIXELUSH but enriched with a play of colors and style that suit the cheerful ambience of spring and summer.

Creating a hair trend is more than just joining the hysteria of fashion that public may carry out. Needless to say, it requires a lot of work, mature planning, and high level of creativity and skill. Behind every Makarizo hair trend, we always prepare a well-cooked concept and measure the fashion demands in the market to ensure our quality in fashion is maintained, followed by hair or costumes. Thus, Makarizo SPORTIVA is no exception for these.

Inspired by the festivities of 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Makarizo SPORTIVA is a marriage between sports and beauty which was born upon Makarizo’s dedication to always provide products and services that creating safe avenues for people to explore their own beauty and transform it the way they want it. The idea is reflected in all 11 looks, divided into 1 iconic look, 5 Fall/Winter looks, and the newly released 5 Spring/Summer looks, all redefining haute couture and prêt-à-porter.

With commitment to always inspire hairstylists and salon professionals, the soft launch of the Spring/Summer collection is held through educative visits to many cities in Indonesia. Starting with Makassar in South Sulawesi, the SPORTIVA Spring/Summer tour officially kicked off on February 9, 2017. Through the visits, Makarizo will be showcasing the 5 new looks, with Makarizo Artistic Team and Makarizo International Trainer Yovan Liew educating hair stylists on how to achieve the looks. Yovan as the creator of PIXELUSH coloring technique will also share his inspiration and know-how around the technique.

Makarizo SPORTIVA emerges from the joined hands and creativity of Makarizo Artistic Team led by Lina as the Head of Education, Makarizo International Trainer Yovan Liew, and Indonesian Master Colorist Michael Helmy.

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