The Uncompromising Natural Ingredients

One in five beauty products which line the shelves at supemarkets and drugstores are decorated with claims of natural ingredients. Adverts on television and magazines, and posters in stores proudly proclaim the inclusion of nature’s best beauty secrets. Today it’s not uncommon to find that your favorite fruit-scented shampoo contains real fruit, or at least extracts from it. The continued interest of natural or nature-based products is a trend that has been a beauty industry staple in the retail market these past few years, and it is one that will only grow with time. For those moving goods in the professional salon industry, this trend is one that they must be aware of to remain relevant in today’s market.

To understand why this trend remains a prevalent one in the market, we must understand that more than ever, the modern consumer has access to a wealth of information. Along with it comes the increasing awareness of inner and outer health, that is largely spurred on by constant headlines proclaiming health risks and the dangers of the average man’s reliance on chemicals in our everyday lives. Labels are carefully scrutinized for possible positive and negative effects, and claims are carefully considered before purchase – research is easy when information is only a click away on informative websites easily accessed on mobile phones. This illustrates on how technology plays an integral part in the decision making process. Readily available peer reviews and trusted online blogs detailing experiences and results makes it difficult for manufacturers to hide from even the slightest flaw, and yet it serves as a double-edged sword, as a positive review might mean continuous free promotion and a sharp spike of interest for certain products.

In answering this trend, different brands have approached this opportunity differently. Today, you can see a plethora of specific ‘free from’ claims, and labels which directly state that a product is ‘organic’ or ‘botanical-derived’. All of these labels are trying to cater to consumer demands of the healthy alternative, and it doesn’t stop to individual health, as ‘free from animal testing’ and ‘eco-friendly’ labels are also seen as a selling point. Information that hints at a product being closely linked to nature, or that it is environmentally friendly is now a big part of the decision buying process. In 2016, Mintel reported that in the US “55% of women read product ingredient labels before making a purchase”, this is an important reminder to manufacturers to always play smart when writing their labels.


This trend directly translates into professional salon needs as beauty enthusiasts expect salons to be on top of the latest beauty trends – including the importance of ingredient choice. Already we see growing apprehension that chemical treatments can be damaging to hair, salons need to be able to answer client concerns to ensure that their business is able to stay afloat and to grow.

The trend towards healthier and safer options for salon treatments should not be a problem. Already we see brands starting to provide options that caters to the these concerns, and all that’s left is to evaluate the available options to choose which fits best and provides the necessary support for salons, as salons need to be well assisted with information and technique in order to be able to answer the concern and questions from customers. Providing product knowledge and education on its natural ingredients to the hairdressers will arm them with the tools needed to help customers achieve the look they are trying to create, by assuring them that the right products won’t damage their hair.

Serving as an option to facilitate salons and such needs, beauty brand Makarizo with its concern of safe beauty exploration offers products that can save both salon customers and hair dressers from worry, during and after a chemical process. Its range of products which cover straightening, perming, and coloring services is formulated with multiple natural ingredients for hair transformation with nourishment in the process. Armed with education and trend modules to educate their partners, Makarizo also ensures that hairdressers can upgrade their skill sets and inspire them to grow.

As the world moves rapidly, beauty trends sometimes can be unforeseeable. Being close to the concern of health, the ongoing trend of natural ingredients is one that will be around for a long time.



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